Originally from Louisiana, Tilley began playing guitar at age 11 and was playing professionally by age 13. He graduated from the Baton Rouge High Magnet School program winning All-State Jazz Guitarist two years in a row his Junior and Senior year. Later, he formed the rock group, Func Haus, who were picked up by Chrysalis Records. He then began a career in music production opening a studio in Baton Rouge, La., Kingfish Recordings Inc., where he produced and mixed hundreds of local artists recordings. There, he also composed and produced three film scores. Now living in Nashville, Wen has been mostly a "gun for hire" as a producer/mixer/guitarist for various artists. He has recorded four solo records, "Call Off Yer Dogs", "Rodear", "Autonomous Spheres", and "Runaways". His latest release, “Bad On Jupiter” will be out Summer of 2019.